You did everything right. You took your time and interviewed several agents. You thought you picked the best one for you. You can't understand why your home didn't sell. There are a variety of reasons that beautiful and desirable homes aren't sold. It happens every day. Many agents specialize in going after expired listings because there are so many. My goal is to help you figure out why your home is one of them. 


 This is the first of the Three P's to selling a home. All of these are equally important and attention to one or two but not all three can sabotage a home sale right from the start.

Presentation is extremely important. This goes deeper than making sure the home is tidy when prospective buyers arrive. People respond favorably to pleasant sights, sounds and aroma's. Psychologically this puts them in a more relaxed mood and makes them more at ease. The goal is to get them to stay and preview your home for as long as possible. The more pleasant the experience the longer they will stay and look and the more seriously they will consider your home. 


 We have all been taught that price is a function of supply vs. demand. This is of course true but in a competition you want to gain every advantage possible. If your home is worth the same as the neighbors how do you get your home sold before and for more than them? I can tell you from my vast experience working with buyer's that when I show them a home and there is another on the same street in the same neighborhood they will inevitably say to me "can we see that one too?". It is imperative that you know your competition!

Pricing has to be reflective of the differences between your home and the competition. There are a few different pricing strategies home sellers employ.

First, you can price your home a little below the actual market value to try and create a buying frenzy and a multiple offer situation in which buyers try to outbid each other for your home. This generally works well in a market with high demand and limited supply.

The second is to price your home at or very close to the market. This ensures that the people who view your home are serious and aware that the home is priced correctly.

The third strategy is to price the home well above the market. This is usually employed by sellers that are not in a hurry to sell and feel this gives them more room to negotiate. The flaw with this strategy is that as the listing gets older it becomes more irrelevant. Even with price reductions the thought in the heads of most buyers is "this home has been on the market for five months and it still hasn't sold. There must be something wrong with it".  Even worse, they believe that since it has been on the market so long "the sellers must be getting desperate" and they make low ball offers. I liken it bread. Do you prefer fresh bread or day old bread? Some people like fresh bread and will pay a little more for it while others like day old bread because they can get it at a cheaper price. The worst thing that can happen to a listing is for it to get stale because it will become harder and harder to sell the home.



The MLS - The world's gateway to your home. It is the #1 most important tool used to market property. For this reason it is of utmost importance that every field of information available to us be filled out and filled out accurately. It is imperative that your home appears in as many agent searches as possible.


Internet Marketing -  When you list with us we provide your property with additional U.S. and international exposure. Your property will immediately be marketed to our entire International Referral Network and to as many as 500 websites around the world. Your property will be marketed in 19 different languages – so no matter where your buyer comes from the information on your property is available in the language they speak. Among the website we utilize to market your home are,, Yahoo! Real Estate, GoogleMaps,,,, AOL Real Estate,, NewYorkTimes,,,,,, + hundreds more.

Photos and video - In order make sure your home is viewed in the best possible light it is important to include photos and links to video in every advertising medium.  We provide professional photography service as well as a professional videographer to insure your home stands out among the crowd. We also provide the highest quality, professionally designed flyers and brochures to be distributed in the local market.

Mailers -  We mail Just Listed postcards to your entire neighborhood. Often times your neighbors will know of someone looking to move into the area.

Open Houses - We offer to provide as many open houses as is necessary to market your home to prospective Buyers for maximum exposure. We also utilize Broker's Open Houses to market your home to the areas active agents.

 Target Marketing

What is it and why is it so important? 

Selling a home in the digital age is vastly different than it was ten years ago, or even five years ago. Back then we did not have the unfettered access to individuals or their interests and demographics. Today we are operating in an entirely different landscape.

Have you ever received an ad in the mail or your email and wondered why they sent you a coupon for dog food or baby food or any other random thing that you personally have no need for? This is old school mainstream marketing and it is quickly dying off like the dinosaurs.

Today, we can pinpoint potential home buyers who are looking for your home. If you live in a million dollar five bedroom, five bathroom  home with a  four car garage on the water in Fort Lauderdale should your agent market your home to the new college graduate looking for a starter home? Of course not. That would be silly. But that is precisely what most agents do!

Wouldn't it be smarter to market your home to a professional making $200,000+ that has a boat , three kids and  four cars? This is what target marketing is all about. Through various data sources we identify prospective buyers based on their demographics and market directly to them using social media, email and direct mail campaigns. If you can find your buyer before they find you then you are likely to sell your home quicker and at a higher price.


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